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Grow Room Controls from MoneyTree Hydroponics

Successful grow rooms have just the right balance of temperature, humidity and air circulation, so hydroponic environmental controls from MoneyTree will help you provide perfect conditions for maximum growth.

Keep an even temperature in your grow rooms with a thermostatic fan controller; you set the temperature, attach your hydroponic air ventilation fans, and it does the rest! If your plants need more heat, we've a range of economical hydroponic hot air fans that are safe to use in humid environments.

Water timers deliver just the right amount of water to your plant, perfect for use with NFT, dripper or ebb and flow systems. Add an intelligent nutrient dose system, or mini doser unit, and your plants are in safe (electronic) hands. Our grow room humidifiers keep your plants from drying out even in the warmest of British summers too.

Good air circulation and effective CO2 control is essential for proper growth, and our range of hydroponics fans grow room extraction fans by manufacturers such as RVK, Ruck Fans, Trojan box fans, Fresh Air and Vortex keep your grow room properly ventilated. Controlling your fans would be a full-time job if it weren’t for our range of smart fan controllers from Prima Air, SMScom, Ecotechnics, and GSE Controllers that do all the hard work for you!

And if your grow room starts to smell like a farmyard, our carbon filter units by Rhino, Fresh Air, and Can-Filters can restore the air quality in just a matter of hours.

Smart hydroponic growers link all these systems together with a complete grow room controller unit that controls lighting, watering and temperature all in one robust, safety-fused unit.

If you don't find the grow room accessories you need listed here, email us or call us on 023 9225 0966 - we might have them in our Hampshire hydroponics stockroom.

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